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Our Services

Mechanical & Electrical

Our trained mechanics are qualified to undertake almost any repairs on all makes and models including light commercial vehicles. If you run a business, we have the capacity to take on fleet maintenance work, from cars to vans and even trucks. Call us now to find out more.

Brakes Repairs

We offer a FREE front and rear brake inspection that can determine when you will need to replace your brakes. Don't wait until its too late and call us today if you due for new brakes or simply want to know what condition your old brakes are in.

Suspension Repairs

We are fully trained in suspension repairs and replacement. Give us a call if you suspect you might be having a suspension issue and we will inspect your suspension system for any faults, issues or damage. We can supply a wide range of shock absorbers, springs and struts to fit all vehicle makes and models.

Steering Repairs

Your cars power steering system is very complex and requires regular maintenance. The system usually contains a power steering pump, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses and seals. If your steering has become unusual or not the same as it was before. You should have it inspected to find out the what is causing this.

New Car Batteries

Checking the condition of your car battery and battery charging system is a service available and takes around 5 minutes to complete. This simple but effective test, includes checking the charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery and will indicate whether a battery is faulty or not. If a new one is needed, we stock batteries suitable for all makes and models.

Timing Belts

Unlike other types of repairs where problems can be diagnosed, a timing belts will naturally wear and require replacement after a set time or mileage interval. Each car manufacturer will recommend different intervals for different models. If a timing belt is not replaced when its due it can lead to costly repairs.

Fault Diagnostics

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic service for your vehicle's electronic management systems. We are able to reset your vehicle's dashboard Warning lights, including: air bag, ESP, ABS etc.

Car Inspections

We are an RMS Authorised Inspection Stations and are able to inspects all vehicles for the years Rego renewal. If you need a Pink Slip why not book in today for an E-Safety check.


The job of your radiator is to keep coolant flowing throughout your engine to keep it from  over heating. If there’s a block or a leak, your engine can quickly overheat and your vehicle will break down.